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Using Animals in Research is Bad! Essay - 585 Words

Have you ever wondered about what a product or a medicine goes through before it gets to us on the store shelves? Products from deodorant to Viagra to weed killer go through years of tests before a regulating body decides they are safe for us to use. The FDA approves drugs and cosmetics and he EPA regulates chemicals that are used and may be harmful to the environment. However before these products are even considered by these regulatory bodies they must go through years of testing. Testing that is unfortunately done on defenseless animals. Each year 50 to 100 million vertebrate animals, such as mice, rats, rabbits, cats and dogs are used in experiments to test products such as medicines, lipstick, household cleaners and pesticides.†¦show more content†¦This type of test is disturbing due to the fact that there are several highly sensitive non-animal tests that can be done to detect chemical-induced genetic mutations but the government still requires companies to poison a nimals to see whether or not they will develop cancer. The standard test of the kind is the â€Å"rodent cancer bioassay.† Mice and rats are subjected to a lifetime of chemical exposure to the chemicals in all new or reformulated pesticides, food additives, and drugs. Studies have proven that these tests are found to have more than a 70 percent false-positive rate. The final group of tests that are performed on animals is product tests. No law requires that cosmetics and household products be tested on animals however, the FDA does urge companies to conduct whatever tests are necessary to establish that their products are safe and the Consumer Safety Product Commission that regulates household products does not require animal testing yet many companies do it anyway. I have saved what I feel is the most cruel aspect of animals testing is that done on primates. Primates are known to be sensitive, intelligent beings that share many important biological and physiological ch aracteristics with humans. Baby primates that are born in labs are forcibly torn from their screaming mothers usually within three days of birth and theShow MoreRelatedShould We Use Animals For Experiments?1335 Words   |  6 PagesMust For years, people think of using animals for an experiment is an awful thing to do. It may seem to be disturbed to some people, but it helped medical researchers to figure out and create new medicines to cure the illnesses that have not a cure yet. How could animals help us with the experiment? If we cannot use animals, then what or who could replace them? Should we use humans for experiments? Until now, people still argue whether we should stop using animals for experiments or not. What peopleRead MoreArguments Against Animal Testing1157 Words   |  5 PagesWhat comes to mind when thinking about animal experimentation? Thoughts of innocent, lovable animals being stabbed with sharp needles? Well, that is not exactly the case, as animal experimentation plays a very important role in human health today. However, the idea of animals testing has become quite a controversial topic. Over the past few decades, there has been an extensive debate over the use of animals in medical and prod uct testing. The majority of people seem to think that it is an unnecessaryRead MoreWe Need to Get Rid of Animal Testing742 Words   |  3 Pages21st Century In the 21st century I would get rid of animal testing .Animal research has had a vital role in many scientific and medical advances of the past century and continues to aid our understanding of various diseases throughout the world. There are countless reasons why I would personally get rid of animal testing. Just like everything there are advantages and disadvantages. For example the internet is advantageous because you can find useful information about your city, your homework andRead MoreAnimal Testing Should Be Banned1056 Words   |  5 Pages When using cosmetics or common house cleaning products many do not realize that they are supporting animal cruelty. Animal testing is among the most disturbing experiments being done today. Vivisection is the practice of animal experimentation. It can include administering drugs, infecting animals with diseases, poisoning for toxicity testing, brain damaging, maiming, blinding, and other painful invasive procedures. Animal testing has protocols that cause severe suffering such as long-term socialRead MoreVivisection Essay example1710 Words   |  7 PagesEvery year in the USA about 70 million animals are experimented on (Monamy 34). Almost all these animals are euthanized after they are no longer needed. But I’m not going to focus on the moral aspect of this subject because that would be a never ending argument of opinions. After doing research I found that there are more important reasons why this practice should be modified. Our government’s dependence on vivisecti on should be toned down or totally replaced because it is misleading, its faultyRead MoreShould Animals Be Used For Scientific Experiments?1189 Words   |  5 Pagesjustifying the use of animals for scientific research to benefit man, to giving them the right to live life alongside man? This brings up the debate: should animals be used in scientific experiments (â€Å"†¦procedures performed on living animals for purposes of research into basic biology and diseases, assessing the effectiveness of..† Humane Society International)? This debate has been going on for centuries, and still very prevalent in today’s society. Especially with the rise of animal activist groups suchRead MoreAnimal Rights : Where Are The Limits?1680 Words   |  7 PagesAdrianna Steele Dr. Beutel ENG 101 November 18, 2014 Animal Rights: Where Are The Limits? Do animals deserve the natural rights humans have? Animals are being kept captive in science labs to test many things. In research labs they are used to test many trivial products and they are also used in valuable medical research. Many animal right activists go as far as breaking the law as an attempt to get the point across about the wellbeing of animals in science labs instead of being civil about the mannerRead MoreAmazed by Cloning1544 Words   |  6 Pagesgood and bad things about cloning, human cloning, and bringing back endangered species with the use of cloning. Information includes the processes and some animals that have been cloned. The history includes the different cloning achievements starting with the first artificial twin. The good and bad parts will of course talk about the pros and cons of cloning. Human cloning tells what is the use of it and how people feel about it. The last part talks about the possibility of using cloning toRead MorePersuasive Essay On Animal Testing1155 Words   |  5 PagesAnimal Testing Animal experiments happen all over the world, but are they necessary? Animals are tested for medical research as well as for cosmetics. Some say that these experiments are not painful, so they are justified. Where others believe that all these experiments are inhumane and nothing can justify torturing and killing innocent animals. Although many believe that animal testing is the best way to improve human health by finding new treatments and tests for the safety of the productsRead MoreThe Pros and Cons of Animal Testing1413 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Each year in USA laboratories more then 100 million animals are burned, poisoned and lamed (Top 5 Shocking Animal Experimentation Facts). Each year scientists use animals in order to progress, to improve life of people and animals. However, many testing animals suffer and die. But others do not agree and support the fact that we should use animals because of advance. So what are advantages and disadvantages of using animals? This problem will be researched from different areas such as

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The Is Not The Only Accusation Made By God Against Israel...

Idolatry was not the only accusation made by God against Israel and Judah. Corruption had become the norm for the priest, leaders, businessmen, and common man alike. The people of these nations cared only about what they had and wanted. They would lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to get what they wanted. Their priests would only teach if they were paid. God gave the priests a position of trust and responsibility to be the caretakers of the people. They were supposed to be the shepherds, not the oppressors, of God’s people. Instead, they turned their backs on God’s law and began selling themselves for money, power, and approval while they hid behind the appearance of righteousness. God warned them that all of the wealth and possessions they had prostituted themselves to get would once again be used to buy other prostitutes. This statement may be confusing to some so look at what God is saying. The people of Israel sold their integrity, morals, and beliefs for pleasure, popularity, and personal gain. God is now telling them that all of these things will be taken from them and Satan will use them to lure other people into the same type of prostitution. God’s warnings and accusations that are recorded in the books of the Major and Minor Prophets are not just for these ancient Kingdoms. They apply to our world today. If we focus on His accusations of evil and not the people or nations that these prophets warned, we can see the same rebellion and wickedness in ourShow MoreRelatedThe Old Testament : What Are The Fundamental Teachings This Amazing Story?1493 Words   |  6 Pageskey theme that can be seen throughout. Notably, it is that despite our many sins God s desires a personal relationship with his people. So how did it all begin? Well as it reads God created the heavens and the earth. He created every living thing that is in the universe and he created man, male and female did he create them. And he placed Adam and Eve in a garden and gave them everything that they needed only stimulating that they could not eat from the tree in the center of the garden, theRead MoreReading The Old Testament Prophets1045 Words   |  5 Pages informs the reader of Gods judgment and salvation. Isaiah focuses on the salvation that will come through the Messiah. It was the prophet Isaiah’s desire that those who heard and read his words would be convicted and turn away from evil and turn their life over to God for forgiveness and healing. In regards to Isaiah 1:1-19 it is about Israel’s condition and God’s solution to it. The judgment from God had come upon the people of Judah because they had sinned against Him. His judgment wouldRead MoreChristian Crusades And The Spanish Inquisition Essay1344 Words   |  6 Pagesconquest of Canaan was an act of divine cruelty. I can see this accusation being leveled due to the Christian Crusades, which began in 1095 and showed no love of God nor adherence to God’s commands. The formation of the Spanish Inquisition, which began in 1478, and led the inquisitors to believe that their gruesome actions actually saved Jews from their fate awaiting them in the afterlife; since the Jews were dying at the hands of God s children, their eternal spirits would be altered by the knowledgeRead MoreThe Book of Obadiah 2812 Words   |  11 PagesThis brief book of the Hebrew Bible is very significant in that it is one of only two of the Minor Prophetic books that are add ressed entirely to a nation other than Israel and Judah. The Book of Obadiah deals with the ancient feud between Israel and the nation of Edom, between the descendants of Jacob and those of his brother Esau. Through the prophet Obadiah, the Lord expressed His indignation at the nation of Edom. When they should have been helping their relatives, they were gloating overRead MoreThe Prophet Amos and the Zimbabwean Context9884 Words   |  40 Pagesmovement, where ecstasy, which has been cited by many scholars as illustrating the borrowed phenomenon, has been replaced or fundamentally undermined by a more rationalistic approach to problems bedevilling Israel. Amos, it can be argued, seems to have inaugurated a movement of rationalist who made sense out of the word of Yahweh. It is in this light that a critical analysis of the book of Amos will reveal even the relevance of Amos’ thought patterns to the Africans and Zimbabweans in particular. InRead MoreThe Debate Of Wisdom Lit erature2468 Words   |  10 Pagesthis is an orderly made cosmos and ultimately all injustices will be turned to good. Proverbs, written in its final form in the third century B.C. is a collection of aphorisms and poems within the relationship between wisdom, righteousness and religious devotion. In tone and form wisdom literature differs from divine revelation and is grounded in observation of and human reflection upon experience. Furthermore, unlike the laws of the Pentateuch, which were proposed in coming from God, and unlike theRead MoreGod Is Great5462 Words   |  22 Pagesstudy will have as much impact in your life as it has had in mine. Part 1: The Sin The story begins in 2 Samuel 11:1: 1 Then it happened in the spring, at the time when kings go out to battle, that David sent Joab and his servants with him and all Israel, and they destroyed the sons of Ammon and besieged Rabbah. But David stayed at Jerusalem. At the very root of Davids problems, we find a king who wasnt where he belonged. If David had been out in the battlefield, where the king was supposed to beRead More A Report on Esther Essay2850 Words   |  12 PagesIntroduction Throughout time, people have attempted to destroy the nation of Israel, the â€Å"apple of God’s eye.† It was because from the Jews, came the covenants, promises, the law, and the messiah—the savior of the world. God’s chosen people are the enemy of Satan, the prince of this world, and the conflict started back in Genesis 3:15. While a remnant from Judah returned to the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, other Jews remained in the cities of their captivity. Some were welcomedRead MoreReligious Education School Based Assessment2145 Words   |  9 PagesMoses since he was not only one of the greatest advocates for black repatriation in the Western World but also since he prophetically introduced and announced the coming of the Messiah. When the early Rastas heard of the crowing of King  Selassie - they knew that Marcuss prophecy was fulfilled.   Early Rastafarians were not accepted by the Jamaican population at large. They were looked at as dirty and grimy men that lived in the hills and used drugs, mainly Ganja, spoke against the government and believedRead Morewhy people backslide13805 Words   |  56 Pageswho has fallen into a particular sin for a time, has backslidden. However, this is a misuse of the term as found in Scripture. Scripture never uses the term of a believer. It is only used in the sense of apostasy, which is turning aside from God and the way in which He commands us to walk, following after other gods. It is not used in reference to one who has, for a time, fallen into sin, but of one who has fallen away and forsaken Him entirely. You have forsaken me says the Lord, you

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Impact of motivation on employee performance Free Essays

Entrepreneurship is the tendency of a person to organize his own business and run it profitably, exploiting the qualities of leadership, decision making, managerial caliber, etc. Risk Talking Risk-taking In Its true sense Indicates that risk Is Ignored In taking decisions and actions. We should rightfully use the word ‘risk averse’ for the entrepreneurs. We will write a custom essay sample on Impact of motivation on employee performance or any similar topic only for you Order Now Risk averseness implies taking ‘calculated’ risk and expecting premium for the risk taken. As the risk goes up the expected premium in return also goes up at a higher rate. Calculated risk means a few things, namely, Determining how much risk one should take. Risk taking ability of a rich person Is higher than that of a poor person. Still, two equally rich persons In equal situations may not equally perceive the risk in a given opportunity. 0 Risk assessment is equally important. 0 Risk mitigation is the final step that a risk-averse person would consider while taking calculated risk. Risk mitigation means taking steps to manage risk. For example, Insurance against non-business Is essential; Identify non-business risks and insure them. Sense of limits In every society people develop sense of limits from parents, friends and rounding’s. These are the limits of what we can do and what we cannot, and what we can accomplish and what we cannot. Such sense of limit Is a result of social permissiveness at a given point of time In a society. On one side, developing such sense of limit is desirable because without adhering to social norms a society cannot function as a civilized society. On the other, the same sense of limit would impose more ‘don’t’ than ‘dos’. Entrepreneurs are different. Hem do not abide by the limits recognized by the society or they fight against these limits. CLC Locus of control There are two types of people in the world- (I) those who blame others and external situations for whatever happens with them, and those who believe that they could have done something better to avoid certain situations that happened with them. The first type of behavior of people is called ‘external locus of control’ and the second ‘Internal locus of control’. It Is obvious from the definition that entrepreneurs have ‘Internal locus of control’. The sense of Internal locus of control gives tremendous to learn from failures rather than accepting fate. 0 Control of future Entrepreneurs are always in control of the situation. Their responses to the unfolding situations are more matured rather than like reactions. This gives them control over the current period as well as the future. Creators Entrepreneurs create ideas, businesses and organizations. Often they like businesses that are unique compared to the routine ones. They like challenges and deal with them in a unique or creative way. Entrepreneurs are good at startups. Need for achievement We would like to include one more characteristic over what Hofmann listed; and that is entrepreneur’s need for achievement. Entrepreneurs do not start business for making money. Money and profits are not his primary goals. Their passion, thus, is to convert their dreams into reality. 0 Ethics This is yet another characteristic that Hofmann did not discuss. Can anything substitute ethics for a successful person? Can an entrepreneur be unethical and still make long-term success and attain his need for attainment? A true entrepreneur, since he is not driven by motives of profits but needs to achieve or do something different for getting sense of satisfaction, will demonstrate high degree of business ethics. Ethical game is necessary for a long-term player in the business of innovation. Q. 2†¦.. Business plan is a written description of the business. It is comprehensive in nature and comprises details like promoters, existing and proposed products and/or services, know-how and techniques intended to use, among others. A brief description of contents of business plan. Description of venture: For an existing business, the details like date of establishment, Journey over time with significant milestones, employee data, sales and profit data over time (if history is too long then selected period of say, five years’ tat would be enough), organization structure, operating philosophy, vision and mission statements, and details of enabling factors are important. 0 Operations plan: Several o perations have to be carried out with a view to succeed in providing products and services. The business activity must be clearly broken down into the discreet operations and details must be provided how those operations will be performed given the resources. If the operations plan fail then production plan would also automatically fail. 0 Production plan: In case of manufacturing activity, the details of technology and its ministrations, success factors, realistic assumptions regarding utilization of plant capacity supported with evidences from other businesses, processes, manpower of material and several other details that can have an impact on production would become an essential part of production plan. Organizational plan: In the absence of strong organizational backing the most lucrative business can also fail measurably. Business operates in a very dynamic environment, whether internal or external. A business organization must develop capability of capturing information regarding the changing external variable that may effect the current business or future opportunit ies of the business. Marketing plan: A business needs to define a market in terms of geographical area or demographic details of potential customers or consumers. Market feasibility report would help in identifying the scope of business opportunity, and from that canvass, a businessman has to determine the right segment of market wherein he would like to do business. Promotion plan, distribution network and other marketing policies are useful in evaluating the potential market for the goods and services offered by the business. Financial plan: The contents of the business plan are now converted into the financial numbers to present the financial plan. The financial plan gives income statements and balance-sheets for the projected period, depreciation schedule, interest payment schedule, working capital schedule, disability schedule, cash flow statements, working capital financing schedule and schedule of funds to be raised and serviced. The financial plan also includes calculation of several ratios that are useful in the evaluation of funding options. 0 Assessment of risks: The production and marketing plans are usually prepared on he most realistic scenario. If actual scenario turns out to be better than anticipated (sales price is higher, sales quality is higher, expenses are lower, among others), then there is a positive surplus profit. But what if things do not turn out as good as estimates and cost of project goes up, cost of capital is higher, enough capital is not available, sales price remain low, sales quantity is less, expenses are higher, skilled people are not available, among others. The assessment of down-side impact of risk must be assessed, if not upside reward of risk. Q. 3†¦ Answer†¦.. Marketing is a function over which we can have only an influencing power but hardly any control over the outcome. Therefore, marketing function is very important especially for a new enterprise. The market analysis is done before a business plan is prepared and it is included in the business plan, I. E. , at the project phase of a proposed business. Market Assessment base, primarily aimed at checking whether there is gap between demand and supply if the product or service that will be offered by the entrepreneur is an existing product with or without modifications. In case of a new product, the market assessment at time is Just an informed evaluation of potential market. Market assessment aims at defining the market that would be most appropriate for the product and that would give strongest opportunity for the long-term growth. This involves matching the product with customer needs. This strategy of defining the market segment for you is derived from customer research and competitive analysis. 0 Impact of Market Dynamics An entrepreneur must understand the market dynamics. Conceptually, demand and supply determine the price. Demand and supply constantly change and, therefore, pricing mechanism becomes dynamic, which is called market dynamics. Several factors play a role in affecting supply and demand and thereby, the prices of products. Competitors’ price, income level, employment level, inflation, production level, government policies and a host of other factors individually and collectively affect the pricing of a product. 0 Achieving Market Acceptance The proof of success is finally in attaining the sales level at profitable conditions. The essence of it is in achieving market acceptance of products and services. Start-ups eave a greater risk in achieving market acceptance than the firms already in business. However, for the existing business too market acceptance of a new product is risky. 0 Day-to-Day Operation There are several aspects of day-to-day operations. Procurement, storage, production, transportation, inventory holding, sales, collections, maintenance, man-management and several other functions together can make operations possible. In today’s world, management of information technology is also a matter of daily operations. However, we will discuss only two important aspects of day to- day operations here. They are namely, (I) procurement of material-inventory and (it) use of information technology. Strategies for Growth The issue of growth is strategic in nature, therefore, it involve strategic thinking, and hence, application of SOOT analysis. A SOOT analysis model must suit the need for answering a particular question, which is related to either direction of growth or rate of growth or strategy for growth. Strategic models are described and their applications are explained in each of these fields of strategic decisions in the following sections of this unit. Growth Direction Decision Synergy is the measure of an effect on the net benefits of combining more than one activity. Synergy is said to exist when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The presence of some strength and its best fit with available opportunities are essential for creating a positive synergy. For the growth direction issue the synergy is searched in the areas of product and market. A SOOT analysis on these two parameters can give a quick idea about the value creating growth alternatives. How to cite Impact of motivation on employee performance, Papers

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The Use of Force free essay sample

The Use of Force The point of view in the story The Use of Force is in first person narrative. This conveys inner the inner thoughts of the narrator as the doctor. The doctor is a reliable narrator and an observer. I feel that his personality is brought out in the doctor. So the doctors thoughts and behaviors are a reflection of the authors. As for the setting it takes place at a familys home. I think it takes place somewhere in the early 1900s. I think it would make a difference to the story if it were set somewhere else, only because if the sick girl was brought to like a hospital for xample, maybe she would have been diagnosed and helped sooner without all the hassle that occurred at the house. The diction of the story is simple. It doesnt seem too complicated and is easy to make sense of. We will write a custom essay sample on The Use of Force or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The author makes his points, and plot of the story clear and easy to understand. The personality of the Doctor is thoughtful. He comes into the house trying to help the sick girl, but after he realizes how shes behaving his personality starts to change. He gets a lot less patient and angrier. The mothers personality is sort of frantic and nervous. Shes worried about her child, and when the doctor has to use other methods of helping her, she starts to become more worrisome and a little annoying. The fathers personality is kind of concealed but nervous too about his daughter. He doesnt seem to show much emotion. The daughters personality is concealed and aggressive. I think the doctors personality has he most dramatic change in the story. Like I said, he comes into the house ready to help someone, and after all the being shut out by the child, he starts to get angrier and his thoughts become a little more arker. The conflict in the story is trying to help this little girl. I feel like the conflict changes when the girl becomes more aggressive and wont give in to getting help. The conflict reaches a climax at the end when the doctor struggles to get the girls mouth open and she refuses. The resolution is when the wooden stick breaks, so he uses a metal spoon and he finally gets her mouth open and fgures out what was wrong with her. The effect that this plot had on the story is that it put the focus on the girl and doctor. I think the theme to the story is irony. The reason I think its irony is because of the conflict between the doctor and the girl. You would expect a doctor to be gentle and trustful. Thats the way it starts out in the story but when the girl starts refusing medical attention, the doctor must use methods of forcing her. Thats where the name The Use of Force plays in. the theme does provide insight on the human condition, it shows that under a certain amount of stress, or anger, your mindset or personality could change instantly. I dont think any of the characters experienced an epiphany. A Visit Of Charity. The point of view in the story A visit of Charity is in the third person narrative. I the little girl, Marians, point of view. I think Marian is very observant. She noticed a lot of things throughout the story. Like the relationship between the old women. The condition of the room, the way the old women spoke to each other. I dont think her personality has much effect on whats going on with the old women. The story takes place in an old womens home. Not too sure when this story takes place. It doesnt give too much detail on that. I think it would change the story a lot if he location were changed. Marian wouldnt of been able to observe or communicate with the old women if it were somewhere else, the way she did at the old womens home. I dont think it would of made sense anywhere else. The dictation Marians personality is very shy, scared, and nervous throughout the story. The first old womens personality was very outgoing, talkative and she liked to communicate. The second old women, Addie, was bitter, angry and very pessimistic. No, I dont think any of the characters personalities changed in the story. So it didnt effect the point of the story. Something that really puzzled me in the story was when the first old lady ran after Marian in the hall and sort of grabbed her by her hair and asked her for a penny. I didnt understand that point and I dont think it made much sense to the story. The conflict in the story is when Marian actually goes into the old womens room. The conflict isnt very clear, but its very obvious there is a problem. The first old women is very outgoing, and the second old women, is angry, and bitter. So theres a bit of clashing going on with them and it shows when they spoke to each other. The vents that led up to the plot are Marian going into the Old womens home, being in the room and communicating with them til finally she gets so scared she runs out. The theme of this story is also irony. Everything in the story conveyed the theme irony, only because everything seemed like the opposite of what it should have been. For instance when Marian goes to the old womens home for charity. The purpose of charity is to help people who cant help themselves, or to do something nice for someone. In the story, Marian isnt doing it to be helpful, she is only visiting the old omen for extra points for her campfire girls. Another example of the irony was the old women constantly disagreed or contradicted each other. One old women was overly optimistic and ignorant of Addles constant negativity and rudeness towards her. You would expect that since they are roommates and they have no one but each other, that they would get along more and respect each other more, but thats obviously not the case. The theme does provide insight on the human condition because I think that everyone portrays a little bit of irony in what they do. I dont think ny of the characters had an epiphany during the story. The Gift of Sweat The point of view in the story The Gift of Sweat is in first person narrative. What this adds to the story is that the author herself might Just be the character in the story. The author/character is in fact a reliable narrator, she is very descriptive and detailed. The story I think mainly takes place in Ricks apartment, although the story does period that it takes place, that is not very clear. I think changing the setting of the story would effect it. I think since it takes place at Ricks apartment, it kind of epresents a stronger relationship between the two. It gives off the sense that theres something between them, personally. If it were changed, for example like at a restauraunt or school, it wouldnt give off that vibe of the two being so close and somewhat intimate with eachother? It seems intimate only becaause of how the women goes to Ricks apartment, and at the end when he gets her a gift. The diction of the story The personality of Ricks women friend is caring and maybe somehow affectionate. Ricks personality is similar. They both are also very friendly with each other. Ricks haracter does change in the story, I think it happens when he suddenly gets sick. He becomes more weak and his personality seems like it changed also. The conflict in the story is when Rick suddenly gets sick. I didnt realize he was sick from aids, til I read the student analysis of the story in the textbook, so thats when I fgured out what was wrong with him. I main events leading up to the plot arent shown in the story, its sort of told to you. The story talks about Ricks friend Barry, who we later find out is Ricks lover. It starts from there. Barry dies from AIDS, and its nferred that Rick now has AIDS. The story reaches its climax when the lady friend comes to Ricks apartment and finds him sick. The resolution I think is when he goes to the hospital. I think the theme in this story is friendship. Im not 100% sure but im not getting any other ideas on it. The reason I think its friendship is because these two people share a close bond with eachother, and when one gets sick, the other tried to make things as easy as possible for the other friend. Like when Rick went to the hospital, the lady friend stayed behind at his apartment and cleaned for him, and

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buy custom Universal Healthcare essay

buy custom Universal Healthcare essay In reference to the health care system, a single-payer health care system where only one administrator or a payer usually a government run organization, is charged with the responsibility of collecting all healthcare fees and also paying out all the health care costs from one pool of resource. Under this system, all doctors, hospitals and any other health provider in the state bills each entity separately for the service provided (Preker, 2005). However, in the disintegrated profit health care system, there is the presence of numerous, tens of thousands of autonomous health care organizations (HMOs) and billing agencies. This system is characterized by enormous waste of administrative resources. This paper compares and contrasts the two health care systems in terms of access, economics, administration and perspective of the patients. Contrast In terms of the access and benefits to the community, the single payer is different from the profit health care system in that health care is based on the need for the benefit and not on the ability to pay. Under the single payer, every citizen is entitled to and receives comprehensive health benefits under a medical cover that provides services for long term and home care, rehabilitation, prescription drugs, mental health care and both preventive and public health measures. On the issue of payment, hospital billing is non-existence, the hospitals ask for funding from the government pool to cover all their operating costs (Preker, 2005). The central authority is charged with budgeting for different issues such as hospital expansion, marketing and technological acquisition. Here in, the government acts as an employer and not an employer. In the profit health care system, each organization is charged with taking payment from the numerous insurance agencies in the states ad its persona l budgets for expansion. There are overall high administrative costs in the provision of profit health care system. This is due to the fact that each organization personally has departments dealing with the billing and collection of funds from the insurance providers (Sherrow, 2009). Such costs are minimal in the single payer health care system because the organization just collects funds from one payer; the government. The general accounting office approximates an average saving of 10% due to elimination of those private insurance bills coupled with administrative costs. A single payer health care system is essential in cost containment. An economic study in the 2004 published in a medicine journal (The New England Journal of Medicine) approximated that the introduction of a single payer health care system would realize a reduction in the cost of health care provision by about US$ 400 billion. Consequently, the trickle-down-effect would ensure that individuals pay less to receive the same level of service due to elimination of deductibles and copayments. The multi-payer profit oriented health care system presents the policy makers with complicated challenges in implementing a health care coordinated comprehensive policy. The single-payer on the contrary would be the simplest and also the most efficient health care system to be implemented and overseen by the legislators. Due to the ability to be effectively implemented, the system would also be successful. However, due to the centralized implementation, many business organizations in the facilitation of the health care system would go out of business. The insurance agencies, the organizations charged with the collection of funds among others would lose their businesses under the single-payer health care system. Similarities Both these health care systems have not been successful in the handling of the basic issue in the health care system; making the health care system affordable to the average citizen. The profit oriented health care system is depicted by the people paying more for each higher level of health care provided. The more that the person pays; the better the health care service provided. The single payer does not effectively provide the solution for the poor citizens. By making the health care accessible to all, the government has to raise taxes to cover for the broad health care scheme. The cost is therefore transferred to the consumers of the health care in terms of taxes. The poor citizens continue being overburdened by the scheme in terms of taxes, just like the profit oriented scheme would in terms of insurance contribution. Moreover, there is similarity between the two schemes in that they are both depicted by bureaucratic red tape especially in the collection of the funds by the health care providing organizations. Collection of payments from the numerous insurance agencies as well as the corresponding agency in the single payer health care system is a common challenge that both schemes have not been able to resolve. Conclusion Due to the capitalism and the free market enterprise that has thrived in the US economy since the founding of the nation, the profit oriented health care system has thrived at the expense of the single-payer health system and hence the universal health care system for all. The health care system debate has widely been confined to the politics of the nation with the proponents being branded communists. The debate should be based on the economics and the social effects of the scheme rather than the mere politics involved. Buy custom Universal Healthcare essay

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Property Law Asessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Property Law Asessment - Essay Example Private express trust which is governed by the precedent set by the case of Knight vs Knight of 1830. It sets out three certainties which need to be met in order for a trust to be met. These are certainty of matter, object and word. The followings are legal advise that Leo needs to know concerning the clauses in his draft will. 1. Under the law of trusts, for a disposition to be valid, three certainties must be met. Certaintyof matter, objects and words. Certainty of matter is Leos building shares, of intention is when he says that income from his building shares to go to Ben as long as he lives and of object is Ben himself2. This disposition is a fixed trust. In the case of Re Endacott 1959, a fixed trust is identified as the ability to identify the lists of beneficiaries. Here, Ben is a beneficiary therefore this trust is valid. 2. This disposition is a private express trust. In the case involving Knight vs. Knight3, three certainties must be present for a valid trust and Kassim be ing the only beneficiary, this trust is therefore a bare trust. The subject matter and intention of the testator is not clear in this situation since the word reasonable is vague. Leo has not given a precise value of what Kassim needs to earn from his blue chip companies.In the 1965 case of Golays Trust4, the word reasonable was extensively analyzed and it was allowed to stand in the legal principles of defining certainty of subject matter. The intention of Leo under this dispension is unclear and the case of Re Adams and the Kensington Vestry of 18845 analyzes if this disposition is valid. The case used the words in full confidence, and it failed because the words were not sufficientto create a trust. Another case, of Musoori Bank ltd andRaynor of 18826 used the words,In full confidence and the court ruled that words such as that cannot create a valid trust.Under the case Palmer vs. Simmonds 1854, the word bulk was used and it was considered insufficient in writing a will, since th e word itself is vague. Under similar circumstances, the word reasonable is vague and it requires more clarity from Leo. Therefore this trust is void. 3. Ben and Toby are the only beneficiaries of this disposition making this a fixed trust under the certainty of object law. However there is a possibility of Ben dying before making a choice and therefore this disposition is invalid under the principles set out in the Boyce and Boyce 1849 case. Where the testator gave one of his daughter, Maria a choice of taking one of his houses before his other daughter Charlotte. Maria died before choosing any house making the will void. Using this principles of this case, the trust will be void. 4. This is an example of a public express trust. Under the case of Knight vs. Knight, 1830, for a public express trust to be valid, there must be three certainties. Certainty of words, subject matter and objects. Under this case, there is certainty of subjects that are Sonya and Adaeze and certainty of ob jects that is the residuary estate. However, the word bulk is not certain. Under the case Palmer vs Simmonds 18547, the word bulk was found to be vague therefore using the same principles of Palmer and Simmonds, this trust is void. 5. This disposition is a purpose trust and under the law, it will not hold. The 1876 case of Musset vs Bingle 8prevented the erection of monuments for an individual and under the draft will; there are no beneficiaries for the monument. The case Morice vs. Bishop of